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Nn Preteens

Posted on July 16 2012


Related article: Date: Wed, 3 Jul 2002 00:03:52 -0400From: Eric W. Subject: Dreams and satin sheets: Chapter 6Dreams and Satin SheetsBy: Eric W.Disclaimer: This story is a work of pure fiction created by my imagination.Certain parts of this story will contain sex between consenting adult malepartners. This story is homosexual in nature and should only be viewed bythose over the required age in your area. If you are reading this storyand are not of that age then I do not want to know so please don't tell me.Author's Note: Well I suppose if you have made it to Chapter 6 then youactually like my story. I am planning on making this story a little moreinteresting but I am not sure how yet. One more thing, this chapter is ahard one for me to write. It made me deal with some demons and I am hopingthat you will enjoy it. I have also received some feedback that leads meto believe that some of you think that this story is based on my life.Well in a way it is. Many of the characters do exist but the names havebeen changed. What makes this story fiction is the fact that I haverewritten our lives. My life has only just begun and I am just now workingtoward my degree. To clarify further Josh is not real. He is purelyfiction and I have never met anyone even like him. Scott is real, his namehas been changed though. The events which are told in this chapter arevery real. So I suppose I should get on with the story and leave anyfurther comments to the end. So here we go with chapter six.Chapter Six: Skeletons in the ClosetThe music was pumping loudly and the air conditioning wasn't working aswell as I wished it would. It had been several weeks since I had workedthat dreadful shift at the hospital. Josh and I had settled into apattern. Everyday after work we would either be at my place or his. Oneof us would prepare dinner then we would just cuddle while we did somethingthe rest of the night.This particular night we had decided to go to a club. We had gone out fordinner that night and then on to Flame, one of the local gay bars. It hadbeen a fun night and we had an excellent time dancing. Josh was a greatdancer and all that grinding had left me a little, well hot. I couldn'twait until I got him home and away from the prying eyes of the patrons ofthe club.We were waiting in line at the bar for a drink to cool us off. After I hadmy margarita and Josh was taking a long drink from his beer, we began tomake our way back to our table. Before we reached the table my eyes lockedon a figure walking towards us. My breath caught in my throat and Istopped moving."Baby, what's wrong?" Josh asked worriedly."Nothing, umm can we go now?" I asked not looking him in the eyes."Yeah sure but what happened, you were having such a good time just a fewminutes ago?" He asked again carefully."We will talk about it later just get me outta here." I said slightlyforceful.But before we could make it to the exit I heard something that made myblood run almost cold."Scott, Is that you?" the voice asked.I turned around slowly and looked into those steel blue eyes."Hello Lee" I said slowly."God it's been forever. How've you been?" he asked."I'm doing ok. Lee I would like you to meet Josh. Josh this is Lee. Joshis my boyfriend." I said as I felt Josh squeeze my hand.They exchanged pleasantries and then we fell into an awkward silence. Myhand was trembling and Josh was looking in my direction with anincreasingly worried expression. I was thinking about when Lee and I weretogether. My chest became tight and I was finding it harder and harder tobreathe. I had to get out of this place."Well Lee, I hate to run off but we need to get going. I'm very tired andJosh is as well. It was nice seeing you again." I said and left no roomfor argument. I turned swiftly and left dragging a confused josh behindme.Once outside I leaned against the wall of the club and tried to breathenormally, but to no avail."Baby what's wrong?" he asked sounding very worried.I was still trying to catch my breath and managed to choke out a one wordexplanation. "Asthma," I said breathlessly.Josh wrapped an arm around my shoulder and began pulling me towards thecar. Once I was safely in the passenger's seat I began feverishly diggingthrough the glove compartment. I searched frantically until my handswrapped around the small yellow cylinder. Taking it out I took two puffsoff of the Nn Preteens inhaler and felt my lungs began to relax.After my breathing had returned to normal I felt tears pricking my eyes andonce again Josh looked worried."Baby, what's wrong? It's killing me to see you like this." He said whilelightly stroking my cheek."Let's go home and I'll explain there. Not here." I said referring to theparking lot where we sat.He started my car and we began the ride back to the house. It seemed wewere going to stay at my house tonight. My mind began to wonder and beforeI knew it we were pulling into my garage.We wordlessly exited the car and then went into the house. I went straightup the stairs and began to get ready for bed. I went into the bathroom andbrushed my teeth. As I was coming back out into the bedroom I was suddenlyovercome with emotion. All those old feelings came back again and Icollapsed to my knees. Josh was at my side instantly."Baby, please tell me what's wrong." He nearly begged.I hugged Josh tightly and sobbed into his arm. He didn't ask again he justheld me and rubbed my back telling me that it was going to be okay. All ofthose feelings that I had suppressed for Nn Preteens so long were beginning to surfaceagain. Suddenly I shoved Josh away and walked over to the window. Staringout over the water I felt the tears burning streaks down my face as Ithought of seeing Lee again.Josh gave me the space that I needed and I loved him for it. I wasthinking of what I was going to do now. When I had reached my decision Iturned to face Josh. Only Josh wasn't there. I was alone in my bedroom.I began sobbing once more. I had pushed away the only person that I feltloved me. I felt a hand on my shoulder, a familiar hand that I knewwell. Josh.I turned to him and once again began sobbing on his shoulder. After mytears had subsided Josh got up and crossed to the nightstand."I thought you might be needing this." He said handing me a small glass."Thanks." I said draining the clear liquid from the glass. The vodkaburned on the way down but it would give me the confidence that I would bein need of shortly."Come on baby, let's go to bed. I have some things to explain." I saidcrawling between the cool satin sheets.He disrobed and joined me in the bed. I felt his arms around my waist ashe spooned me from behind. His head rested on my shoulder as he waited forme to begin. Feeling the vodka beginning to take effect I began my story."The man you met tonight, Lee, was my first lover. It began in High Schooland to start with it was mostly experimentation. We fooled around a littlesometimes, after school, but nothing major. A hand job, Nn Preteens me sucking him off,things like that. We spent more and more time together and talked a lot.We talked about family, hopes, dreams, and us. Mostly it was about us." Isaid quietly."We would talk for hours about ourselves. Then one day I worked up thenerve to tell him that I thought I might be bisexual. Which was thefurthest thing from the truth. I have known I am gay since my eighth gradeyear, but I just wanted to test the waters. Nn Preteens I know that Nn Preteens everyoneexperiments when they're young and thought that he might be doing that aswell. Until he said that he thought he might be too." I was stillspeaking quietly and Josh was not saying anything but every so often hewould place a kiss on my Nn Preteens cheek to remind me he was there for me."I was happy when he told me this and was hoping that he would want to bewith me. One of the main things we had talked about was our virginity. Hewanted to have sex so bad because in the small town where we grew up, therewasn't much else to do. After our talk that day he began to show aninterest in going farther than we had been. He wanted to have sex. Withme." This was getting harder and harder to tell because unlike Josh, I knewhow the story ended."Late one year in July he and I were goofing off at his grandmother'shouse. She was going out to visit some friends and told us to watch thehouse. Her son was temporarily staying with her but he had taken his sonto a baseball game which we had declined the invitation to attend. I wasbusy in the kitchen making myself a cup of coffee when I felt his hands onme. Not just a friendly touch. A touch that was like fire, and filledwith lust." Josh was rubbing my back at this time and just being there likeI needed him to be."When his hands reached the front of my shorts he looked me in the eyes andbegan to knead my growing erection. He then began leading me to the backbedroom in the house which was occupied by his cousin, the one playingbaseball that day. We sat down on the bed and continued our `playing'.Moments later he went into the bathroom and returned with a small jar ofVaseline. He placed it beside the bed and asked me if I wanted to try it.I was unsure and told him that I didn't know. His exact words to me were`drop'em'." I was beginning to breath heavily again and my lungs wereslightly stinging. Josh picked up on this and went into the bathroomreturning a second later with my inhaler."Here boo," he said handing me the cylinder.I took two puffs off of it and waited as Josh settled back into bed behindme. Once my breathing had slowed I continued with my story."As I was hesitantly removing my pants and boxers he had completelystripped and was stroking his cock which was now very slick. After I hadremoved my clothes he told me to bend over the bed. Once again I compliedand the next thing I felt was his cold slick finger probing me from behind.After he had inserted his finger he quickly removed it and replaced it withhis very large cock. In one quick movement he had impaled me with his dickand I was nearly screaming in pain." I described those events like acoroner describing a corpse. I had felt josh tense behind me and thoughtfor a second that it might be as hard to hear as to tell. I quicklydecided that I was wrong."I asked him to stop, but he didn't. I told him to just hold still for asecond, but he wouldn't. So at that point I did the only thing I couldstand to do. I buried my face in the pillow and waited for it to be over.It came soon enough. He was putting on his clothes and I was lying thereon the bed. I got up and dressed quietly. Then he turned to me and saidthe words Nn Preteens I will never forget. `Guess we're not virgins anymore'. Aftersaying that he turned and left the room." I Nn Preteens was in tears by this point andJosh was hanging on to me for dear life."After that day we continued having sex. It was a type of mutual agreementthat we were sort of dating. We continued this arrangement for a year anda half. In that time Lee never once made love to me. It was pure sex. Itwas always fast, and fairly rough. After that first time I began to slowlychange my behavior. He had me exactly where he wanted me. All he neededto do was say `please babe' or `come on sweetie' and I would most likely doit. Anything from homework, to cleaning his room, to laundry, I did it.Whenever we were at his house, or mine, or anywhere for that matter, Ialways made him something to eat. I became something of a servant for him,and a toy." I could feel Josh's tears on my neck but had not the strengthto wipe them away. I was numb and as long as I was telling this story Iwould be."During our time together, we had some good times, but not many. Wheneverwe were spending the night with one another, which was a rare treat, henever held me. After we had sex he would lay beside me and whenever Itried to snuggle up to him I would be pushed away. As I would lie on oneside quietly crying he lay on the other. If I dared to let him know I wascrying he would leave the room and sleep on Nn Preteens the couch." I said stillfeeling completely numb. My words flowed but I did not hear my voice."Having sex with Lee was not a fun experience but I thought he loved me soI tolerated it. Whenever we fucked he would Nn Preteens watch straight porn. He wouldwatch the TV and not me while he fucked me. While we were dating he wasdating women. I overlooked that and pretended not to care whenever hetalked about almost fucking someone. I also worked my own magic inbreaking everyone of them up before they had sex." I said almost grinningbut not quite."Then I went on vacation, I was visiting my sister who lived at MyrtleBeach. I was there for a week then came back home. When I arrived home hecalled me and wanted to come spend the night with me. I happily agreedwanting to see my baby after a week. We spent a nice evening Nn Preteens together andwe actually cuddled on my bed a little. Then once again the inevitablehappened and we had sex. After we were finished I was surprised that hewas actually Nn Preteens a little gentler this time. Then he said we needed to talk.He said that this is a mistake, that we should have never been Nn Preteens together andthat he wasn't bisexual, that he was straight. When he said those words myworld fell apart." At this point I began sobbing again and Josh tried tocomfort me as best he could, but this was a deep wound that was mostlyhealed but not fully."Do you know how much it hurts to hear that almost two years of your lifewas nothing more than a mistake? After hearing those words I went crazyand cried myself to sleep that night, and many thereafter. In two weekstime I had become numb and I stayed that way for over a year. I threwmyself into my work and then I went on to college and continued workinghard and didn't let up until I started working at the hospital." I wasnearly finished and I was extremely glad that this trip down memory lanewas about to be over."Josh?" I asked."Yeah boo?" he said huskily. I could tell he had been crying."I wish Nn Preteens I could have given you my virginity. I love you so much. I wouldtrade those two years that I was caught up in that mess with him, for oneminute with you. You make me feel special, like you Nn Preteens want me and only me.Don't ever leave me. " I said as the emotional rollercoaster I had been onfor the last hour finally ended and I drifted off to sleep in the arms ofmy angel.*********Josh's Point of View********I sat stroking Scott's hair watching him rest. This had taken a lot out ofhim to tell me this and I wanted to do something special for him.I sat watching him sleep with the same thought replaying in my mind. Howcould anyone hurt such a precious angel? He is a good person and deservesto be treated so. I am going to make damn sure no one hurts him everagain."Good night boo, I love you more than I can show, but I am going to spendmy life trying." I said to a sleeping Scott then settled down to join himin sleep.To Be Continued...Well there it is. Finally a sort of villain in the story. This was a verydifficult chapter for me to write because it rehashed a lot of oldmemories. I would appreciate some feedback on this Chapter because it isgoing to be kind of a turning point in the story.Storymaker19hotmail.com
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